As we all know music is performed in radio and television studios, concert halls, restaurants, discotheques, cinemas and numerous other places. Music also plays an important role in the new digital delivery channels such as the Internet and as ring tones in cellular phones. On radio, music often accounts for more than 70 percent of airtime, in general. Therefore, it would be close to impossible for individual broadcasters to clear the rights with each and every owner of copyright and related rights and therefore, the need of collective management organization comes into place. MRCSN acts as intermediary between copyright holders and such users.

As per our copyright act 2002, you are entitled to be paid a sum of money whenever one of the songs you have composed or written is broadcast or performed in public. Taking into account the innumerable places where music can be played, both nationally and internationally, the performing royalty due to you is an added bonus for your intellectual creativity. 


As soon as you become a member of MRCSN, you will be eligible to receive performance royalty in accordance to the memorandum and Articles of Association of MRCSN. MRCSN is to be represented internationally with the reciprocal agreements and thereafter, you will be entitled to receive royalties for your works performed outside Nepal.


Download Forms below:

1. Membership Application Form

2. Deed of Assignment Form

 3. Work Registration Form

  Forms to be completed and sent to


Visit our office at Anamnagar, Kathmandu.

In addition to the forms, you will need to submit photocopy of your citizenship (or other ID) , proof of your work (CD, cassette or cover), 2 passport size photos, Rs. 1500 as one time membership fee. For ID card, additional Rs. 150 will be applicable.

Members should notify all their published works by registering your compositions in the notification of works form as soon as your compositions are recorded and released. The notification is important as the information supplied shall determine the amount of royalty income distributed to you for performance and broadcast of each of your works in the future.

Kindly note that the registration must be COMPLETE ie all the copyright owners’ information and share must be indicated in the notification of works form. Only completed information will be accepted by MRCSN.